All Day and a Night

Directed by Joe Robert Cole starring Margo Hall

An aspiring rapper named Jahkor Lincoln (Ashton Sanders) arrives in prison. He ends up serving a life sentence for murder and looks back on the days preceding his arrest and the circumstances of his childhood to find clues to his way forward in life and his survival.

Fabulation or The Re-education of Undine

Directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang starring Margo Hall

Undine is a successful African-American publicist living in Manhattan. When her husband takes her money, she is forced to return to her former life in Brooklyn, and to deal with her working-class relatives.


The movie
Margo Hall as Nancy

Released in 2018 by Lionsgate

Chabot TV Interview

Starring Margo Hall

Professor Dov Hassan from Chabot College Interviews Director Margo Hall from the Play Hamlet:Blood AndThe Brain.